English Vocabulary Lesson # 134 – Relentless ( Adjective & Adverb)

In this English lesson you will learn how to use the word ‘Relentless’ as an adjective and an adverb.  You will learn how to use this word in your daily English conversation, making you speak English fluently and confidently.

There are times you work very hard to achieve your goal. You refuse to give up and continue to put efforts towards achieving your goals. The word ‘relentless’ basically means something that is continual, nonstop or endless. If you do a task with a relentless attitude, it means you are determined, focused and nothing stops you from doing what you have to. In other words you have a relentless focus and attitude in working towards your goal. When you are relentless about something, it means you’re not stopping until you get what you want, and you’re not taking ‘no’ for an answer. A relentless person never gives up. He believes in continuous efforts.  If something happens in a relentless manner, it means it happens continuously or in a harsh excessive manner. For example, if you are a relentless school student, you will study hard and stay focused to attain the highest score in all your tests. You efforts would be continuous and nothing would be able to divert you from achieving your goal.

The word relentless is an adjective as it describes someone of being unstoppable or completely determined. Relentlessly is an adverb which describes the action of being continuous or unstoppable.

Example 01: Despite relentless criticism and lack of appreciation from his colleagues, John stayed positive at work.

Example 02: The baby cried relentlessly when she didn’t see her mother for a while.

Example 03: His relentless practice for months, made the athlete win the race.

Example 04: All political parties campaign relentlessly before elections.

Example 05: Michelle looks very stressed these days as she is under relentless work pressure.

Example06: The relentless heat causes a sun tan. It is advisable to use a sunscreen lotion.

Example07: Marc’s relentless hatred towards his neighbors made him a lonely person.

Example 08: The relentless rainfall created a flood in the city.

Example 09: The soccer team played relentlessly even when they were down five to zero.

Example 10: The defense lawyer did a relentless research to win the case for his accused client.

Have you ever worked relentlessly towards achieving something?

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  • Relentless rainfall cause flood in the city chennai.
    i practiced relentlessly for long jump to become a record holder.

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