English Vocabulary Lesson # 135 – Exude ( Verb)

In this English lesson you will learn how to use the word ‘Exude’ as an verb.  You will learn how to use this word in your daily English conversation, making you speak English fluently and confidently.

You may not voice out what you feel but your facial expressions say it all. It is easy to express what you feel at the moment by your body language or facial expressions. The word ‘exude’ basically means to make something very clear by mood or by your behavior. So when you display an emotion strongly and clearly, you exude it. If you are angry, your facial expression exudes your mood, even though you may not voice it out. If you exude love, confidence, pain, etc., you show that you have a lot of that feeling at that very moment. When using exude while talking about liquids, it also means to flow out slowly.

For example, on your birthday when you receive a lot of gifts and birthday greetings, your cheerfulness exudes your happiness and excitement. The word ‘exude’ is a verb as it shows the action of emoting strongly, and the word ‘exuded’ is its past and past participle form.

Example Sentences for practice :

Example 01 : The flowers kept  in the vase exuded a great fragrance.

Example 02 : Brittle and limp hair exude a deficiency of vitamins in one’s body.

Example 03 : When John proposed Mary, his  eyes exuded love for  her.

Example 04 : Samantha always exudes her kindness by helping her friends when they need her in difficult times.

Example 05 : Her sense of dressing and body language exudes her high level of confidence.

Example 06 : Though he didn’t scream at his subordinate, Marc’s silence exuded his anger.

Example 07 : After eating a heavy meal at the café, Marcs face exuded satisfaction.

Example 08: Since she won the race, she has been able to exude a definite sense of pride.

Example 09: When one exercises rigorously, the skin pores exude sweat.

Example 10: Samantha exudes her intelligence by answering every question asked by her professor.

When was the last time you exuded an emotion? What emotion was it?  Put in your comments below.



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