English Vocabulary Lesson # 137 – Hanker ( Verb)

In this English lesson you will learn how to use the word ‘Hanker’ as an verb.  You will learn how to use this word in its past tense ‘Hankered’ in your daily English conversation, making you speak English fluently and confidently.

At times all of us crave for something or we crave to do something. Your desire just doesn’t die down and you continue craving for that something. The word ‘hanker’ basically means to have a strong desire or a wish to do something. When you long for something or want something very badly, you are actually hankering for it. So, when you have a constant desire or a wish for something, especially when you shouldn’t or cant’ have it, it means you are hanker for it. For example, when you have a get together with your childhood friends, you discuss about your old days at school and how all of you enjoyed and were carefree. You start hoping to go back in time and relive those days. You long for it to happen, you wish it could happen, but unfortunately it can’t. So, you hanker for your good old day. The word ‘hanker’ is a verb as it shows the action of wanting something very badly or having a strong desire. ‘Hankered’ is its past and past participle form.

English Sentences for practice :

Example 01: Michelle underwent a hair treatment as she always hankered for curly hair.

Example 02: Chocoholics always hanker to eat some chocolates when they are on a diet.

Example 03: Richa was homesick after moving into the new hostel. She hankered to be back to her home.

Example 04: James hankered to invest in the luxurious house, but couldn’t afford it.

Example 05: After Trevor received his annual bonus from his company, he hankered to buy a new car.

Example 06: By the middle of winter, people from the town were hankering for a warm day.

Example 07: After the launch of the new I phone 6s, most of the youngsters hankered to get one.

Example 08: Having lived in the hospital for 3 weeks little John hankered to be back home.

What is it that one thing that you always hanker the most for?

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