English Vocabulary Lesson #141 – Breathtaking ( Adjective)

In this English vocabulary lesson you will learn how to use the word ‘Breathtaking’. You may have come across a very beautiful lady who left you speechless. You found her so beautiful that you skipped a breath. You may have come across a very beautiful lady who left you speechless. You found her so beautiful that you skipped a breath.

The word ‘breathtaking’ basically means something that is incredible or extremely amazing. It is also used to say that something is surprising.When you see something that is very beautiful or striking, it means that it is breathtaking. You can’t help but be in complete awe of it. It catches your eyes and  calls for your attention towards it. So, if you say that something is breathtaking, you are emphasizing that it is extremely beautiful or amazing.  It also means that something has taken you by surprise negatively. When we use ‘breathtaking’ for a person, it means that the person is so stunning, that their looks or aura has taken your breath away.

‘Breathtaking’ is mainly used to express that something or someone is so amazing, that they have made you skip a breath. For example, you are at a business conference. Your colleague who is always shy, actually gives a very intelligent and a confident speech that takes away a breath from you. For a moment you are so surprised as you never expected this. This is because he gave a breathtaking speech.

The word ‘breathtaking’ is an adjective as it describes someone or something of being amazing or awesome. ‘Breathtakingly’ is an adverb that describes an action of being amazingly or surprisingly done.

English sentences for practice :

Example 01: Even though Zara liked the diamond ring, she couldn’t buy it as it was breathtakingly expensive.

Example 02: Being their first time ever, the children enjoyed the breathtaking rollercoaster ride.

Example 03: The audience applauded the breathtaking dance performance/ magic show.

Example 04: Samantha looked breathtakingly gorgeous on her wedding day.

Example 05: The scenery from the hotel room is breathtakingly beautiful.

Example 06: Marc is known for his breathtaking arrogance as he shouts in every meeting.

Example 07: Victor impressed the interviewers with breathtaking replies that proved his intelligence.

Example 08: The décor of the new café and the display of its food are a breathtaking sight.

Example 09 :  South Australia offers amazing diversity and breathtaking beauty in every direction.

What was the most breathtaking experience you’ve ever had?


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