English Vocabulary Lesson # 144 – Inundate (Verb)

In this English lesson, you will learn how to use the word ‘Inundate’ as a verb and a noun. On some days, you may be loaded with work extra work, more than the usual amount. You are given assignment after assignment. Even though your hands are filled with responsibilities to be completed, newer ones keep getting added.

The word ‘inundate’ basically means abundance. When you send or provide much more of something, than a person can usually deal with, it means you have inundated him with that something.If you have a large amount of things to handle at the same time, you are actually inundated with something.So when you are flooded with something, be it work, letters, phone calls, it means you are inundated with it. In short, the abundance or surplus of something means you are inundated with it.It expresses that you have a large amount of it.

The word ‘inundate’ is a verb as it shows the action of giving or providing something in a large amount. Inundated is its past and past participle form.

The verb inundate is often followed by ‘with’ or ‘to’.

 The word inundation is a noun as it means abundance or surplus of something.

For example, if a city receives heavy rains continuously for days together, there is going to be a flood. The overflowing rivers are going to inundate the town with rising water levels. It means the town is going to face a flood or the town is going to be inundated with water.

English Conversation Lesson:

Example 01: Kelly was frustrated as she was inundated with spam emails.

Example 02: After the interview, the fans inundated their favorite actor with requests for an autograph.

Example 03: Being the only subordinate at work, Michelle was inundated with a number of files to handle.

Example 04: The teacher was patient even though his students inundated him with a number of questions on the subject.

Example 05: The stadium was inundated with spectators who were very excited to watch the match.

Example 06: To convince his customers, the salesman inundated them with the product information and its benefits.

Example 07: The eruption of a volcano leads to inundation of lava all over.

Example 08: William enjoyed the inundation of love and affection by his family on returning home after many months.

How often are you inundated with something? And with what?


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