English Vocabulary Lesson # 145 – To To work like a charm (Idiom)

In this Spoken English & English vocabulary lesson you will learn how to use the idiom ‘to work like a charm’ When you buy a product and use it, you exactly know whether it has met your expectations or not. If it has, you are thrilled as it has given you the result that you were hoping for, before using it. You are now completely satisfied with it.

The idiom ‘to work like a charm’ basically means that something is effective or that something done is very successful.If you do something with the intention to get a desired result, you actually give your best to it and hope that it would be successful. If you achieve what you aimed for, it means whatever you did, has worked like a charm. This is because your actions have been effective enough to give you the desired results. When a plan or a method works like a charm, it has the outcome the outcome that you want. In short, when something works like a charm, it means that it works very well.

For example, if you are rushing to work and spill tea on your white shirt, it is left with a stain. In order to get rid of it, you use a new stain remover liquid and in a few minutes it manages to remove the stain. You are taken by surprise as you did not expect such effective results in just a few minutes. This means the stain remover worked like a charm.

English Conversation sentences for Practice :

Example 01: The new advertisement was so attractive that it worked like a charm by increasing the sales figure.

Example 02 : Most pain relief ointments work like a charm and make you pain free instantly.

Example 03: To stay young and fit, daily yoga practice works like a charm.

Example 04: People were disinterested in the meeting as the presenter’s speech didn’t work like a charm.

Example 05: Melwyn was disappointed as the new applications on her phone didn’t work like a charm.

Example 06: The new coffee vending machine installed in the office works like a charm. It actually provides hot creamy coffee to the employees.

Example 07: Marc is the favorite of all women at work. His flattery words never fail to work like a charm on them.

Example 08: The new interstate highway has worked like a charm as it has made commuting quick and convenient.

Do all your efforts you put in for a task always work like a charm?


  • the new elevated corridor has worked like a charm as it made free way for the passengers

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