English Vocabulary Lesson # 147 – To fall prey to something (Idiom)


In this Spoken English & English vocabulary lesson you will learn how to use the idiom ‘to fall prey to something’.

Sometimes, people take advantage of you by tricking you into something that is not good for you. But, in the process you do not doubt them and go with the flow. You believe everything they say. Even their lies seem a truth to you.

The idiom’ to fall prey to something’ basically means to be harmed or affected by something.

When you are carried away by someone’s fake talks, you believe every word that they say and you are actually misled into believing something that isn’t true. You do not think otherwise. So, you are falling prey to whatever they are saying. There are people who try to take advantage of other people. They look for people to take advantage of. When you fall prey, you let this happen. You let yourself become the victim. You can fall preyto people or ideas or feelings. To ‘fall prey to’ doesn’t always mean to be literally physically harmed. It can mean ‘to become a victim of’ something. You are influenced by someone or something without using you logic. Sometimes, it could even be a situation where you are vulnerable and you give in as you don’t have any options.

For example, when you go shopping, the salesman at the store always convinces you to buy the product. He makes tall claims so you are convinced. He makes the product sound so promising, that you given in to his talks and actually purchase it This means you have fallen prey to his sales talk.

Example Sentences for practice :

Example 01: In the new city, Sophia was lonely and fell prey to depression.

Example 02: Most women fall prey to the claims of anti-ageing treatments.

Example 03: Just to save a few bucks, Samantha fell prey to buying the clone  of the original cell phone.

Example 04: In the famous cartoon series of Tom and Jerry, Jerry never fell prey to any of the tricks played by Tom.

Example 05: At the job interview, the interviewer was impressed as she fell prey to John’s exaggerated work experience.

Example 06: Sometimes, horror stories make you fall prey to unnecessary fears.

Example 07: The young boys decided to rob the bank because they fell prey to their greed for money.

Example 08: Mother always warns her daughter not to fall prey to bad company at the university.

Have you ever fallen prey to something and regretted it later?


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