English Vocabulary Lesson # 148 – Apprise (Verb)

In this English speaking lesson you will learn how to use the word ‘Apprise’ as a verb. On daily basis you get and receive information about your work and updates about friends and family. You share news or notify each other about something.
The word ‘apprise’ basically means to tell or inform someone about something.

You impart knowledge of some fact to somebody. To apprise is to make someone aware of something, it could be work related or just sharing general information. Be it good or bad information, you apprise someone when you tell them about it.
When you inform someone of an incident, you apprise them of the incident. When someone tells you of what has happened in your absence, they apprise you of it. When you are sent by someone somewhere to find out what exactly happened there, you return and apprise them of the happenings there.

The word ‘apprise’ is a verb as it shows the action of informing, telling or notifying someone about something. The past and past participle form is apprised.

For example, you were not at work yesterday when a meeting took place. This morning when got to office, your colleagues updated you about what happened at the meeting, who attended it and who spoke what at the meeting. They ensure that you are aware about the entire meeting scenario that took place yesterday. This means that they apprised you with all the details.

Example sentences for practicing English conversation :

Example 01: Michelle was in tears when she was apprised about her school friend’s sudden death.

Example 02: Samantha was busy apprising the credit card company about her unusual charge on her visa card.

Example 03: The weather app on your smart phone always apprises you of the current and the expected weather conditions.

Example 04: Marc was waiting for the surgeon to come out of the operation theater to apprise him of his wife’s health condition.

Example 05: Juliet was shocked when she was apprised about the increase in the rentals by her landlord.

Example 06: From all her friends, Lara apprised Amy first about her engagement to Henry.

Example 07: Susan is an efficient waitress. She always apprises the customers about the new dishes introduced in the menu.

Example 08: All cigarette packs apprise you about the dangers of smoking.

Do you always apprise your friends and family members about the events of your life?

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