English Vocabulary Lesson # 150 – To Garner (verb)

In this English speaking lesson you will learn how to use the word ‘To Garner’ as a verb. Some people have a hobby of collecting things. It could be coins, stamps, pictures or antiques. You just enjoy having a huge collection of them.

The word ‘garner’ basically means to collect or gather something. If someone has garnered something useful or valuable, they have gained it or collected it. 

When you accumulate something, it means you garner it.  If you collect or obtain a large amount of something useful or important, you have garnered it. Garnering anything requires time, energy and patience as one has to struggle to acquire what he wants.  For example, when you have to make a presentation, you collect all possible information and gather the required facts and figures. You spend a lot of time in acquiring all that you need to assemble your presentation. It means you are garnering information to make your presentation.

The word ‘garner’ is a verb as it shows the action of collecting or gathering. Its past and past participle form is garnered.

English sentences for practice :

Example 01: Political campaigns are conducted with the intention of garnering maximum votes

Example 02: The movie garnered high praise especially, from the critics.

 Example 03: Marc was nervous and couldn’t garner enough courage to tell his boss about his sudden holiday plans.

Example 04: The police struggled to garner sufficient evidence for the murder case.

Example 05: The charity organization is trying to garner enough funds to provide the basic necessities to the homeless people.

Example 06:  John was so well dressed at the party that he garnered attention from many women.

Example 07:  A lot of people post nice pictures and videos on Facebook and Instagram with the hope to garner maximum likes.

Example08: Having worked with 6 different companies, James has garnered enough work experience and can take up challenging tasks.

Example 09: Little Mary is garnering pennies in her piggy bank to buy her mother a birthday gift.

What information do you generally garner surfing the web?



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