English Vocabulary Lesson # 154 – Fervor (Noun)

In this English speaking lesson, from Daily Video Vocabulary you will learn how to use the word ‘Fervor’ as a noun. There are things that you really like and have an intense feeling for. You don’t mind pursuing it as it brings you immense joy.

The word ‘fervor’ basically means an intense or a passionate feeling for something.

When you are full of zeal and zest about something, it means you are full of fervor. You are very enthusiastic about it. ‘Fervor’ is to have great warmth and intensity of feeling for something. So if you are very enthusiastic and excited about something, it means you are full of fervor and when you are full of fervor you do things with great passion and vigor. The word fervor is a noun as it is a feeling of passion For example, you decide to have a surprise birthday party for your best friend. You make arrangements for everything with great enthusiasm and excitement. You want to make it special and so pay attention to every little detail. At that moment, you do everything with fervor.

English conversation sentences for practice :

Example 01: After his knee injury, William didn’t have the same fervor for playing football.

Example 02: In all the countries, the Independence Day parade is performed with patriotic fervor.

Example 03: The Johnsons celebrate Christmas every year with great a fervor.

Example 04: Her fervor for junk food made her obese in her teens.

Example 05: The scientist has fervor for new inventions and keeps experimenting in the laboratory the entire day.

Example 06: His fervor for dealing with animals motivated him to become a veterinary doctor.

Example 07: Sarah has fervor for different types of shoes and has a huge collection of them.

Example 08: Their love for reality shows makes the family watch TV with great fervor.

What is that one thing you do with great fervor?



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