English Vocabulary Lesson # 156 – Superficial (Adjective)

In this English speaking lesson, from Daily Video Vocabulary you will learn how to use the word Superficial as an adjective. Many a times, things may not seem very real or may not be genuine. They look real on the surface but actually have fake characteristics.

The word ‘superficial’ basically means fake, unimportant or not thorough.

When something appears to be true on the surface but is not genuine in reality, it is said to be superficial. That means on the surface it seems genuine, but in real it isn’t. If you describe an action, feeling, or a relationship as superficial, you mean that it appears to be real or genuine, but isn’t so when analyzed in detail. It is the opposite. So, when the outward appearance or the impression of something is completely different from its real nature, it is superficial. The word ‘superficial’ is an adjective as it describes something of being unreal or not thorough. ‘Superficially’ is an adverb as it describes the action of being unreal or fake.

For example, a car has met with an accident but is not completely damaged as expected. It has a few scratches and dents that could be fixed easily and there are no major repairs required. It means that the car has superficial damage.

Example Sentences for Practice :

Example 01: When health problems persist, a detailed examination is required rather than a superficial one.

Example 02:  A mother’s love for her child can never be superficial.

Example 03: Lara looked into the mirror and regretted coloring her hair as it looked very superficial.

Example 04: His manager refused to accept John’s superficial reason for not completing the project within its deadline.

Example 05: Walter pretends to be a computer wizard even though he has superficial computer knowledge.

Example 06: The colleagues at work mingle vey superficially to maintain peaceful relationships with one another.

Example 07 : During the interrogation, the police dodged the man with tricky questions as he kept giving superficial replies.

Example 08: Her superficial confidence helped Judy to speak without fumbling at the annual meeting.

Have you ever put up a superficial attitude with anyone?

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