English Vocabulary Lesson # 158 – To Expedite (verb)

In this spoken English lesson from Daily Video Vocabulary, you will learn how to use the verb ‘To expedite’. Often at work, you may be expected to complete a task faster than its deadline. So, you quicken the process by working on it for longer hours or by getting more hands to help.

The word ‘expedite’ basically means to make something happen more quickly. When you speed up the process of something and want it to happen faster, you expedite its process. If you expedite something, it means you have caused it to happen before its due time. In short, to expedite means doing something with great speed and efficiency. When we expedite something at work, we are accelerating its entire process with the intention of completing it as early as possible.

‘Expedite is a verb as it shows the action of something happening faster. Its past and past participle form is ‘expedited’. For example, if you are late to work and don’t want to get fired, you drive your car faster than usual with the hope of making it to your office on time. So, to make up for the delay and reach office on time, you expedite your commute by driving with great speed.

Example Sentences for practice :

Example 01: Most e-commerce companies expedite the shipping order by charging an extra amount.

Example 02: Stress expedites the ageing process of people.

Example 03: Mobile banking has expedited funds transfer all over the world.

Example 04: Sarah has expedited her weight loss target by going on a liquid diet.

Example 05: Research work on the internet can always be expedited by using relevant keywords in the search engine.

Example 06: The automobile company used social media like Facebook and twitter to expedite the awareness of the newly launched car.

Example 07: The police expedited the criminal investigation by involving more detectives in the case.

Example 08: To expedite the completion of the hardware project, the company hired some more engineers.

Have you ever been asked to expedite a task? How did you do it?



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