English Vocabulary Lesson # 162– Antsy (adjective)

In this English vocabulary lesson you will learn how to use the word ‘Antsy’ as an adjective.  Sometimes you are apprehensive about something in your life. You are nervous or scared about what is going to happen in the future. You are not at ease and feel restless all the time.

The word ‘antsy’ basically means the state of being restless or anxious. If there is something that you are very impatient about and you are unable to keep still,. It means you are antsy.

If you feel antsy, you are not at ease. Your mind is not at peace as you are stressed about something. You are unable to concentrate and focus on anything because your mind is so anxious that it is filled with several thoughts that get you worked up.

You become fidgety and nervous. Anxiety takes over you. You keep thinking of what is going to happen, you are worried all the time. You find yourself overstressed as you are in an unpleasant situation.

A long anxious wait for something to happen can also leave one feeling antsy.

The word antsy is an adjective as it describes someone of being in a nervous or an anxious frame of mind. “Antsy’ is the positive form of the adjective. Its comparative form is ‘antsier’ and superlative form is ‘antsiest’.

For example, you are about to give a presentation at a business conference for the first time. You feel nervous and anxious. You are not at ease as you are worried about how you would face a large audience. At that moment, you are stressed and just wait to get done with it. It means you are antsy about your first performance in front of a huge audience.

Example sentences for practice :

Example 01: Patricia was antsy and couldn’t sleep all night just thinking about the launch of her new book the following day.

Example 02: When her husband’s number was unreachable for many hours, Rachael became antsy regarding his whereabouts.

Example 03: Being a complete introvert, Henry is shy and gets antsy when he has to speak to a girl.

Example 04:  The famous actor hasn’t signed a new film for a long time and feels the antsiest when he sees other actors signing big banner films.

Example 05: Michelle was not antsy and pretended to do her work while she was trying to hack her colleagues email account.

Example 06: Mary dislikes visiting the dentist. She was antsy just before her dental appointment.

Example 07: Biting one’s nails is one of the signs of feeling antsy.

Example 08: Due to the poor economy, the couple was not antsy about investing a huge amount in property.

Do you often feel antsy? What do you do to calm yourself down?

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