English Vocabulary Lesson # 163 – To nail something (Idiom)

There are people who do their work perfectly without any scope of error. They are successful in their very first attempt.

The idiom ‘to nail something’ basically means to do something successfully or flawlessly. So when you nail something, it means you have done it precisely right.

When you perform a task well or you have done it perfectly without any mistakes, it means you have nailed it. So if you get something right, you nail it as you do it best or impressively. When a person is about to do something and you tell him, “nail it”, it means you are telling him to do it well. This idiom is also used when a problem is solved successfully or a perfect solution to a problem or an issue is discovered.

For example, Ben has been studying for his Math test which he anticipated as tough paper. After taking his exam, he realizes that it was easy and he has surely nailed it. It means the he has attempted his test successfully.

In this idiom, ‘nail’ is a verb as it shows the action of doing a task perfectly. Its past and past participle form is ‘nailed’.

Example sentences for practice :

Example 01: At the Miss World contest, the pageant nailed the answer to the tricky question in the last round.

Example 02: The singer nailed his live stage performance and got the crowd grooving to his songs.

Example 03: To motivate his son before his interview father said, “All the best. I hope you nail it today.”

Example 04: Patrick is perfect at aiming. He always nails the dart game.

Example 05: To cheat the company, Victor nailed the forgery of his boss’s signature on the check.

Example 06: The officer was impressed with Zara as she was the only lady who nailed the driving test.

Example 07: The computer wizard sat up all night to nail the hardware issue.

Example 08: The police nailed the criminal after long hours of investigation and interrogation.

Do you nail every task you undertake?


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