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English Vocabulary Lesson # 164 – Remorse (noun)

In This spoken English lesson you will learn how to use the word ‘Remorse’  as a noun, adjective and an adverb. It is human nature to do wrong things and have a great regret later. The deep sense of regret doesn’t let you be at peace.

The word ‘remorse’ basically means to feel guilty for something that you have done.

If you feel extremely sorry for something bad or wrong that you have done, it means that you are remorseful. You feel very uncomfortable and troubled from within. When you feel remorse, your conscience tells you that you have done a mean or an unkind action.  You are ashamed of yourself and have a deep sense of regret. When someone makes an expensive purchase and regrets doing so, he feels remorse. This could be because he has bought a useless and an inappropriate product or has exceeded his budget and spent a lot of money.

For example, you have your personal plans and call in sick at work and get the day off.  You go out and enjoy with your friends. But somewhere deep within your heart, you feel guilty because you know you have lied to take the day off. You feel uncomfortable because you have taken advantage of your colleagues’ trust. This means that you feel remorse about what you have done.

The word ‘remorse’ is a noun as it is a type of emotional feeling. ‘Remorseful’ is an adjective as it describes someone of being guilty. ‘Remorsefully’ is an adverb as it describes the action of being done with great regret or guilt.


Example Sentences for conversation :

Example 01: Victor is a rash driver. He exceeds speed limits and jumps signals and never feels remorse when he’s pulled over by the traffic officer.

Example 02: Even though William felt remorse about his extra marital affair, he continued to cheat on his wife.

Example 03: After spending a lot of money, Michelle feels remorse about buying such an expensive cell phone.

Example 04: When Juliet’s boss is angry, he displays no remorse for the mean words he says.

Example 05: Being on a rigid diet, Samantha ate a full box of chocolate without feeling remorse.

Example 06: After losing the match, the tennis player was remorseful about her sluggish way of playing the match.

Example 07: When the evidence proved that the murderer had killed six children, the judge was not remorseful about sentencing him to death

Example 08: Maria experienced a great deal of remorse when she returned to the store to buy the dress and learned someone had already purchased it.

Do you feel remorse often? What do you do to get rid of the feeling?

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