English Vocabulary Lesson # 167 – Unceremoniously (adverb)

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In this spoken English lesson you will learn how to use the vocabulary ‘Unceremoniously ‘as an adverb and ‘Unceremonious’ as an adjective. We hope this free ESL lesson would help you learn new English vocabulary to improve your English speaking and English conversation skills.

In anger or frustration, you may do something without any consideration or in an unacceptable manner. It could be replying to someone rudely or doing an action without thinking twice.

The word ‘unceremoniously’ basically means to do something suddenly or do it in an undignified manner. When you do something without considering others’ feelings, it means you do it in an unceremonious manner. If you don’t bother or care about how others feel when you speak rudely, you are actually speaking unceremoniously. When you behave in an undignified fashion or conduct yourself in an uncivilized manner, your approach is unceremonious. So when you lack courtesy and behave improperly, you are known for doing things unceremoniously. Being unceremonious is your action is a drawback as it leaves you with a poor reputation and you maybe disliked by a lot of people.

The word ‘unceremoniously’ is an adverb as it describes the action of being uncivil or improper. ‘Unceremonious’ is an adjective as it describes someone behavior or attitude of being rude or undignified. For example, if you are busy at work and are interrupted all the time by phone calls, you can’t answer rudely or in an improper manner however irritating it maybe. This means you can’t speak unceremoniously.

Example sentence to practice English conversation.

Example 01: To avoid knocking down the child crossing the road, the car braked unceremoniously.

Example 02: When Maria extended her wedding invitation to John, he refused it unceremoniously.

Example 03: Victor’s ego was hurt as he was fired front of the entire staff in an unceremonious manner.

Example 04: Marc was unhappy about the food at the new café and spoke unceremoniously to the steward while complaining.

Example 05: The censor board demands to cut scenes that have been shot unceremoniously.

Example 06: To make her point loud and clear, Michelle unceremoniously cut all her team members at the meeting.

Example 07: Everyone at the party was put off by Jame’s unceremonious style of singing.

Example 08: Ben’s teacher was furious with him as he did not take permission but entered his class unceremoniously.

Have you ever behaved unceremoniously with your close friends? How did they react to it?

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