Interesting English vocabulary used by radio jockeys.

 In this ESL lesson by Rima you will learn some interesting vocabulary used by radio jockeys at a radio station. Radio is a fun medium of entertainment .Following are the words commonly used in the field of broadcasting and radio.

Radio Jockey : Radio Announcer / Radio presenter ; one who speaks or hosts shows on radio

Frequency : the number at which the radio station broadcasts
For ex: Bright 91FM .. 91 is the frequency

Cans : headphones used by Radio Jockey to listen to their voice while speaking

Cume : stands for cumulative numbers
It’s stands for number of unique listeners in one hour

Dead Air : when there is a gap in transmission or broadcast it’s called dead air

White noise – when there is noise or disturbance on the radio

Voice track – to voice track a show means to record a show

Live – means to speak on the radio in real time

Playlist – list of songs to be played on the radio show

Cue track – means to line up the next song to be played

We hope you found this ESL lesson interesting and have learned some interesting English vocabulary related to radio broadcasting used by radio jockeys.

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