Errors made using – Simple present tense

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1. ______ you like New York?


2. The boy ______ football every evening.


3. He ______ Maria.


4. Samantha and Mary ______ friends.


5. ______ he an intelligent guy?


6. The girls always   _______ to pop music.


7. I always _______ to the bus stop.


8. Does John _____to school?


9. Mr Smith ________Spanish and French.


10. We ______ busy today. You can visit us in the afternoon.


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In this lesson, you are going to learn how and when to use the simple present tense.

The verb is always in the present/base form.

  • Example: I like chocolates. (a general taste/preference)
  • Example: He plays tennis regularly. (a general routine or action)
  • Example: The sun rises in the East. (general facts/universal truths)
  • Example: The train leaves at 8 pm. (fixed schedule/time table)
  • Example: I am here now. (not I am Being here)
  • Example: e has his passport in his hand. ( not ‘is having’)

Note: The simple present tense is used when the verbs do not go in the

The continuous form (the ‘ing’ form)


  • Example: Is John intelligent? (no ‘do/does’ with is/am/are)
  • Example: Does he like chocolates? (‘does’ is used for third person singular)
  • Example: Do you wear denims?


  • Example: He is not tall.
  • Example: He doesn’t know me.
  • Example: They don’t play tennis.


  • Thank you rachna teacher I understant completely .thanks a lot.

  • Hi teacher. I wacthed your video about simple present tense. The way you explain a lesson is really good and understandable and enjoyeble with examples from real word. I even don’t know a word that you used i am able to guess it because of daily routine life examples. Teacher can you explain superlative and comparative and how to use passive sentences pls? It is so important for me to learn this grammer rules because of my coming ielt exam. Also thank you so much for this lessons and impressive and effective explanations. 🙂

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