English Vocabulary Lesson # 169– Agile (adjective)

In this ESL lesson you will learn how to use the word ‘Agile’ as an adjective, ‘Agility’ as a noun and ‘Agilely’ as an adverb. We hope ESL lesson would help you to improve your English vocabulary and speak fluent English.

Some people are very quick and graceful in their movement.  They can move from one end to the other swiftly. The word agile basically means moving quickly or thinking and understanding something quickly. When you are light-footed, you are able to move quickly. You can move swiftly with great ease.

So, if a person is agile, he is marked by the ability to move with ease. If you are someone who can analyze and understand situations quickly, you are said to be agile. You are able to think intelligently at the spur of the moment. The one who is agile wastes no time in terms of movement and the ability to think correctly when required.

The word agile is an adjective as it describes someone of being able to move quickly with ease or think correctly and intelligently. Agility is a noun that is a type of movement. Agilely is an adverb as it describes an action of being performed quickly.

For example, Maria is an adventurous young lady who enjoys water skiing and snowboarding. On water ski she is agile, makes sharp turns and long arcs cutting through the water. But, she’s less agile on the snowboard. This means she moves quickly and with ease while skiing.

Example sentences for practice :

Example 01:  Squirrels are agile climbers.

Example 02: Being a seasoned business man, Marc’s got an agile mind and can resolve his business problems in no time.

Example 03:  In the Jungle book, the fictional character Mowgli, was as agile as his fellow animal friends.

Example 04: The stand-up comedian artist is known for his on the spot witty jokes stemming from his agile sense of humor.

Example 05: Sarah is good at relay as she runs agilely.

Example 06: In over crowded cities, people prefer small cars because of its agility.

Example 07: Due to the lack of staff, the waiter at the café was moving agilely from one table to the other to serve the customers.

Example 08: Due to his extreme obesity, Richard feels tired all the time and lacks agility.

Example 09: Even though grandfather is eighty two years old, his thinking ability/thought process is as agile as a young man.

Do you have an agile mind?

We hope this ESL lesson has helped your understand the word ‘Agile’ and  improve your English vocabulary and speak fluent English. Do subscribe to our YouTube channel and stay tuned for new English lessons.

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