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Feign – English Vocabulary lesson # 103

Sometimes you put on a show just to prove a point, even though it is not true. you do something with the intention of cheating and you want people to believe you.

The word ‘feign’ basically means to pretend or to fake something. You bluff and fool people by misleading them, you are not being real or genuine. You feign, when you pretend to feel something that you actually don’t feel in real.

To feign also means to copy or imitate something.

For example, you haven’t completed your project at work and when you are questioned about it by your manager, you make an excuse saying that you were ill and were not in a position to complete it. That means, you feign illness.

The word feign is a verb as it shows the action of pretending or faking, its past form is ‘feigned’ and its past participle is also ‘feigned’.  A person who keeps feigning is called a feigner.

 Example 01 : On being promoted, Maria’s colleagues feigned happiness by congratulating her with an applause.

Example 02 : Lisa was so bored at the business meeting, she couldn’t feign interest and yawned away.

Example 03 : Though she already knew about her brother’s new love affair, Michelle feigned a surprise look when he told her about it.

Example 04 : When Mr. Baker was about to sign a check, he was shocked on seeing that someone had feigned his signature on the same check.

Example 05 : Samantha feigns an indifferent attitude when she sees her friends gossiping even though she is eager to know.

Example 06 : Kelly feigned a headache to avoid going to school as she hadn’t completed her homework.

Example 07 : The two business rivals had no choice but to feign a pleasant handshake at a business meeting.

Example 08 : Michelle always feigns innocence when her mother warns her about her misbehavior at school.

Example 09 : Despite having a hectic and a tiring day at work, the waitress had to feign a smile while attending to the customer.

Example 10 : To sound impressive, Jenny feigns an accent when she is on a call with overseas customers.

Have you ever feigned something to make people believe you?

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