Expressions & Phrases to talk about ‘Different styles of eating’

Hello Subscribers, Welcome to another great English speaking lesson to improve your English communication skills. This lesson is for our English speaking course at Let’s Talk English speaking institute in Mumbai. This English speaking lesson by Rachna teaches you some useful English expressions and phrases related to eating. Now you would think, that’s pretty easy, I know phrases about eating. This English lesson will teach you about phrases used to talk about different styles of eating.

Wolf down

To eat fast as you are very hungry. Like a wolf preys and eats quickly.

Gobble Up

Gob is an old worth for mouth. Gobble up means to quickly swallow down the food in a hurry or when you are hungry.


To eat greedily


To eat very fast. Inhale means to breathe in, which takes a second. SO, to inhale food means to eat very fast.

Choke down

To eat forcefully and gulp down food that you may dislike.


To over eat something that you like to eat.

Pig out

To over eat and stuff yourself to the extent that you feel your tummy is blasting.


To chew a small quantity of food. Like nibble on nuts.

Complete Lesson Transcript –

Hi friends, I’m Rachna, in today’s lesson I’m going to talk about my favourite action and that is eating. Yes, I love eating and love eating at any time of the day. So besides just, saying I’m eating lunch or I’m having lunch, sometimes we want to express our style of eating. So let’s look at some, different expressions that we could use when you want to talk about eating. So the first one is wolf down. Now the wolf is an animal, right? So why do we say wolf down? Now imagine a wolf that is really hungry, okay he runs, he preys. Say he preys on a deer and he’s really eating him fast because he is starved. That is why we say, wolf down. So when you are really hungry and kind of just eat quickly because you want to satiate your hunger, you say< I wolfed down that burger. So when you are hungry and you really want to say that you eat quickly because you were hungry. Instead of saying oh, I hate the whole burger you say, I was so hungry that I wolfed down the burger.

Now the next one is gobble up. Gobble up, what is gobble up? It is similar to wolf down when you just choke down your food like you kind of gobble up. You eat really fast, okay. Now imagine you are hungry and you want to just go for a snack and you don’t have much time. So you quickly stuff it in your mouth and swallow it down, you say I gobbled up the food. Well friends, it is not a very good thing to do. It’s always nice to chew your food, okay and then swallow it. So don’t just stuff your mouth and gobble up things. It’s not a very nice thing to do. Okay, now why do we use gobble up? Gobble up because gob, okay, gob is a very old way of saying mouth, okay. So sometimes when you are with your friends. Instead of saying shut your mouth, we say shut your gob. Okay and that means mouth. That is how we have the expression gobble up. Okay so imagine if you are really hungry and you see this nice pizza, all you feel like doing is just gobbling it up, right that means to eat fast, to chew and swallow fast when you’re hungry.

The next one is scoff. Well, this is not a very commonly used expression but is someone is eating greedily. Okay like you are really eating greedily and you are ready. Maybe you love something, a particular food or you love may be a dessert and you scoff, okay. So you say, I just scoffed the pizza from my friend’s plate. Okay, that means I ate very greedily. Not necessary, I may be hungry but I’m greedy for that particular thing that I like to eat and when I do that. That means when I eat greedily, you say, I scoffed the food. So remember friends, when you are out with your colleagues or your clients at a business dinner, no matter how much you love a particular dish, or you are just greedy for it, don’t scoff your food at that time, it’s poor table etiquette. I mean dining etiquette. Yes, the next one inhales. Now inhale comes from the word, berate in, right so when you breathe in, you inhale. So this is another way of saying, to eat fast because it takes just one second to inhale, yeah. So I’m done inhaling. So when you eat something fast, you say oh I just inhaled my lunch at ran for the meeting. That means you ate it fast. So in terms of eating and eating fast, you can also use inhale. Inhaled my lunch that means you are in like a couple of seconds, right? So here the expression inhale shows that it just takes a few seconds like it does to inhale, right?


Okay, so the next one is choke down. Now choke down is when you don’t like something or when you are forced to eat something, you say oh god that was terrible. It tasted horrible but I just choked it down, that means you kind of, it’s really strenuous to swallow it, something that you don’t like, Maybe you’re just forced to eat it. That is when you just choke down maybe say, for example, you are at a guest’s place. You are invited for dinner and they offer you something that you really don’t like, but as courtesy demands, you are supposed to eat it and when you do, you’re like, oh my God and that is the time, you just choke it down. Alright, friends, I hope these are clear to you.

Let’s take a look at some more. Gorge, okay gorge means to overeat but to overeat something that you really like. So imagine if you’re on a diet and today is your cheat day. Okay, your nutritionist allows you to have a day to yourself and to your favourite food and you choose chocolates. Right because you are not supposed to eat chocolates when you are on a diet. And when you choose chocolates, all you sit and so is gorge on the chocolates that means you overeat chocolates. So when you overeat something that you like or that you really enjoy eating, you gorge on it. Yes so well friends I always look forward to gorging on ice-creams and chocolates, please let me know what you look forward to gorge on.


The next one is pig out. Very self-explanatory, pigs okay they always eat into rubbish, they go where there is a lot of junk and they eat. Now pig out is used when you stuff yourself beyond your capacity. You feel your stomach is bursting. Okay, you overeat and well it is kind of considered an ill-mannered way of eating. I mean people will call you ill-mannered if they see you pigging out. And well for all those are calorie conscious, this is not a good thing to do because trust me, you’re adding a lot of unnecessary calories. so when you are at a party or maybe you are invited to a dinner, you kind of overeat, you stuff yourself because the food is so nice and you feel it’s okay once in a way but when you overeat too much, especially in front of guests, it is not very good etiquette and that is the time people say, oh he is pigging out or sometimes you say, I am stuffed because I pigged out.

And the last one here is nibble. Now when you see rodents like you see a rat, you see a squirrel, you will see their mouth, and yeah it’s little, little movements. That’s because they eat in a very small quantity. So sometimes, see at your workplace, if you are kind of chewing something, you see my mouth. Yeah, so you are nibbling on. So I’ll tell you, hey what are you nibbling on? That means you are eating, you are chewing on something but your mouth is not stuffed, it’s just a little bit, in parts and bits that eat. It could be nuts, it could be anything small. It could be a small bite of sandwich, where you just nibble and that’s the time we say nibble on. Or sometimes you are hungry and you say, I’m not really hungry but I don’t mind nibbling on some bits. Okay some chips of Knick knacks, yeah. So that is the time you say nibble, to eat in small quantities.

Okay, friends so these are the expressions you could use when you talk about eating. Well, this brings me to the end of this lesson. I hope you enjoyed watching it and well it’s time for me to wolf down because I’m really hungry. I’ll be back soon, till then, take care and bye.


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