13 Casual Party Phrases to Keep the Conversation Going

Planning to visit a party? It’s obvious to get nervous in such situation, especially if you have to start a conversation in English. In this English speaking lesson, you will learn some interesting Short English conversation phrases that you could use at a party. These English phrases are casual and would be a great help to keep the conversation going so that you are never short of words and phrases. Practice these English phrases and improve your English communication skills to speak English fluently and confidently. These free English lessons are developed by Let’s Talk English Speaking Institute in Mumbai for Spoken English courses, Personality development and IELTS coaching and Training. Visit our website to view all the courses we offer at our learning centre.

Casual Party Conversation Phrases from the video.

  • Did you make this yourself?
  • Do you cook often?
  • What else do you like to cook?

All the above question phrases are used to praise and keep the conversation going on.

  • What a beautiful home you have!
  • Did you do it up yourself?
  • Where did you get that/this?

These set of question phrases are again good to appreciate someone’s home décor. They would be useful to inquire about some accessories where you could buy. Truly useful phrases.

  • What do you do?
  • What are your interest/hobbies?
  • How do you like to spend your time?
  • Are you reading anything interesting these days?
  • How did you two meet?
  • How long have you both been together?

Another set of good English phrases to seek personal information from people whom you meet at the party.

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Complete Lessons Transcript –

So guess what? I got invited to this fantastic dinner party by a friend and you know I spent a lot of time, trying to see, what I’m gonna wear, how I’m gonna dress. How I’m gonna do my hair but then I remembered that the most important part of a party is to go to a person’s house and actually have a casual but interesting conversation. Somehow, I got a little nervous, just thinking of that. does that happen to you as well? Do you get nervous when someone invites you to a party because you don’t know, how to have an interesting party conversation in English? well, if that’s the case, then you have come to the right place.

Well, hello and welcome to this video, my name is Rima and today, we’re gonna talk about interesting, casual party conversations that you can have when you are invited to a party. It’s very natural to get excited about going to a party but when you reach there, it’s also very natural to get a little nervous about what you’re going to say. How you’re gonna break the ice, meaning how you’re gonna start a conversation? So what I have done is, I have listed out lots of questions on the board. Now all these questions, you can use, when you are invited to a dinner party at somebody’s place. Now these questions, I have written down by category. Now as I go along, as I explain, I’m going to tell you about that category and I’m going to explain each question, that you can use. So let’s start, ready? okay.

Now the first thing is when you enter somebody’s home and you’ve been invited for a dinner or a lunch, I can very, very confidently say, that everyone including you and the other guests is looking forward to that one word which is called, food. The moment I say food, I’m gonna have a big smile on my face because parties are known for awesome food. Now imagine, you’ve reached the party and you’ve dressed beautifully, you’re looking great. Your host or hostess have welcomed you and you know, they request you to come right ahead. You know see the house, mingle with other guests and they start serving delicious starters. Now the moment you start, eating those starters, you realize that this is some really good food. So, how would you want to start the conversation then? Obviously with food. Well, the first thing you can say, you can say this to your host or hostess, wow that’s yummy, what I just ate. Did you make this yourself? meaning, did you cook this by yourself? Did you invest the time and effort in making this for us? Now this question shows that you’re a foodie and a very interested, sensitive guest. I’m sure your host or hostess will definitely approve of this question and they’d love to tell you, whether or not, they cooked this by themselves. So let’s say that the hostess made the starters or the entire menu herself, she will appreciate this question and talk about it. or let’s say, if they have some hidden MasterChef in their kitchen, then they get a chance to show off the skills of their MasterChef. So that again leads to a very interesting conversation. So, well did you make this yourself, could be one question, obviously related to food. The next question, if the answer happens to be yes, I made this all myself. I love cooking, then you could ask the next question, which could be, do you cook often? You know, because when a person who loves to cook, they love to talk about it. So you could say, do you cook often? and the answer could be, yes, no, when I find the time, whatever be the answer. You could also ask them, what else do you like to cook? So, the person who enjoys food, cooking and recipes and different styles of cuisines, would love to answer these, questions. So, I’m telling you, conversations about food are always a hit if the food is a hit. Now it so happens sometimes the food’s not that great but still, these questions will work. I’m assuming the host or the hostess intended to serve you great food. It probably didn’t work out but these questions will definitely work out. So remember these three questions related to food. Okay, so the first one is, did you make this yourself? that’s about the cooking. Do you cook often and third one, what else do you like to cook? Well now that we’ve seen questions about, food, what next? Well let’s say, you’re in a party, you’re talking to other guests, you’re mingling and you look around and you notice that the home that you’ve been invited to, is a beautiful home. So why not use the home as a conversation starter. So well, the conversation can start, with a simple statement that says, what a beautiful home you have. Now tell me, who doesn’t like being appreciated for their house? everyone loves it, right? So they’re gonna love it when you say, what a beautiful home, you have. and they’re gonna say, thank you, thank you very much, we try our best. building on this question, you could ask them something like, did you do it up yourself? meaning did you, decorate your home all by yourself? now some people get decorators, most people, decorators. some people like to do, every single thing by themselves. So whatever category, your host or your hostess is in, you could ask them, did you do it up or do up your home by yourself? now the answer could be yes, no. If the answer is yes, you can ask the next question on my list, which is where did you get that? or where did you pick up those decorated items? or where did you get that painting? So many interesting questions to ask leading up from this one simple question, of doing up your home. Now let’s say, the other situation, the answer is, no we got the best decorator in town to do up our home. Well, then you can have a conversation about the decorator. You can ask her or him, the name of the decorator his style, his preferences and still have a jolly good conversation. so let me tell you, food and then followed by, home, yeah these things, they will definitely make for a fantastic conversation. so the questions about the home, did you do it up yourself? where did you get this or that, referring to any decorative item or painting or anything interesting that see in their house. and obviously the conversation starter, do not forget, what a beautiful home you have. works, everything, a 100%.

Now the next category of questions that you can use at a party conversation is very interesting because they are all about getting to know the person. that’s right, so now you’ve been invited to dinner by a host or a hostess or a couple. It’s important to show some amount of interest in their life. So you can do that, by these simple questions. now the first one is the simplest of all but very important, what do you do? Okay, now what do you do over here stands for, what do you do for work?

So when you get to know what the person does professionally, there are a lot of things that you can talk to the person about, let’s see if the person says, I am an artist or I am a painter, you could actually discuss art with that person and that would be a fantastic conversation. Moving on, you could ask the person what are your interests? Meaning what are your hobbies? Now if somebody asks me that question, I’ll say something like, I am really into music. I love music or I love reading which means the person who asks me the question and me, we both can have a conversation about music, about songs, about reading, about authors, about writers and that’s a wonderful conversation to have and it’s a very warm and friendly one at that. Now the next thing you could do is, you could ask the same question what are your interests or what are your hobbies in a different manner by saying how do you like to spend your time? Now when you ask a person how do you like to spend your time, the person will answer in a very heartfelt in a very honest way by saying I like to spend my time travelling, or I like to spend my time sailing and those interests, or those past times of your host or hostess or a fellow guest could actually lead to a very interesting conversation.

Moving on the next question on my list is, this is especially for those people who enjoy reading okay, who know a lot about books, authors, and writers. So you could ask the question, are you reading anything interesting and maybe if you want to make it current, you could add the word currently to this question. So if you ask the person are you reading anything interesting currently? and let’s say the person you’re asking this question to, is definitely someone who enjoys books, the person will love to answer you and love to discuss the latest book they are reading. Or else it could also happen that the person does not enjoy books. So if the person doesn’t enjoy books, the reply could be, hey I am not really into books all that much but I enjoy movies. So sometimes it’s great when people have different interests because the conversation gets really interesting. so you could talk about books, the other person could talk about movies and that makes for a wonderful conversation. So these are questions if you are really interested in getting to know the person your host or hostess is or a fellow guest. Okay and this category of questions is mostly related to the person himself or herself. Now imagine that you have been invited to dinner but you have been invited by a couple that’s right. A married couple or a couple in a relationship. Now you have the chance to talk to both of them at the same time. So now it’s important not only to know the person but it’s important to know the couple, so this category of questions, is to get to know the couple. Now you could start with a very sweet and personal question like how did you two meet? Now, this always leads to an interesting answer, an interesting story because every couple has their own special meeting story. Okay, so you could start with this question and this could lead to a very warm and open interaction with the couple. or otherwise, if you are talking to a couple who have been together for a really long time, like let’s say two decades like 20 years or even more, then you could ask them something like how long have you both been together? Now been together over here, stands for being married or been in a relationship. So you could ask them how long have you both been together? And the answer could be very interesting because of course you will come to know the number of years they’ve been together but along with that they might even share a small joke or an anecdote or something interesting about being together for so long and that could lead to a very warm and friendly conversation. So remember that if it is about the couple, these two questions always work.

So well I really hope you’ve enjoyed my casual party conversations with the various categories such as food, home, the person the couple. trust me these four categories will always get you a friendly conversation. well, I really hope you have enjoyed today’s lesson. if you have all you have to do is subscribe to our channel and remember practice, practice, and practice all the way. so well the next time you get invited to a party don’t hide at home, go to the party and practice asking these questions and having the party conversation. it’s time for me Rima to take your leave, this is me saying bye bye and take care.

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