English Vocabulary Lesson # 168– With all one’s might (Idiom)

English vocabulary lesson with all one’s might  

 In this free ESL lesson you will learn how to use the idiom ‘with all one’s might’. We hope this free ESL lesson would help you learn new English vocabulary to improve your English speaking and English conversation skills.

Sometimes, you do a task by investing all your time and energy in it. You ensure you do it with great enthusiasm and vigor.

The idiom ‘to do something with one’s might’ basically means to do something using all one’s power and strength. When you perform a task with your best possible effort, putting in all your energy and strength, it means you do it with all your might. You work very hard and just don’t give up.  You are determined to complete it successfully.  If you decide to use all your strength, power, enthusiasm and other resources into doing something perfectly or with the intention of completing it successfully, you are going to do it with all your might.

So, when you put in a lot of effort to do something, you do it with all your might. For example, you have to submit a presentation at work.  To make a perfect one, you research intensely for the required information. You spend long hours working on it. You put in all your energy and enthusiasm in it. That means you are working with all your might.

Example sentences for English conversation:

Example 01:  To protect their country, soldiers are ready to fight with all their might..

Example 02: During her divorce, Richa fought for her child’s custody with all her might.

Example 03: When the car broke down all of a sudden, the driver pushed it aside with all his might.

Example 04: The NGO worked with all their might to raise funds for the orphans’ education.

Example 05: The HR director convinced John with all his might to stay on board. He offered John extra benefits and perks.

Example 06: To welcome the guests, Michelle is cleaning the house with all her might despite being exhausted.

Example 07: At the new year’s eve bash, people drank and danced with all their might.

Example 08: In a heated argument, the couple screamed at each other with all their might.

Example 09: During the boxing match, William fought with all his might even though he was injured.

Example 10: When the thief realized the police were after him, he ran with all his might.

When was the last time you did something with all your might? What was its outcome? Englishvocabulary lesso

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  • I worked with all my might to please my boss.
    My friend study all his might to pass his exams.
    My girlfriend prepares a report all her might to look the report look presentable.
    My boss works all his might to become his business successful.

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