Talking about prices ( Expensive & Inexpensive things)

In this Spoken English lesson you are learning some useful English phrases to talk about “Prices” with your English teacher  Michelle. You could use these English phrases in your daily English conversation to expand your vocabulary and speak fluent English.

For expensive objects:

It cost a fortune – cost a pretty penny (loads of money)
Example: It cost me a fortune to get my car fixed/repaired.

It cost an arm and a leg.
Meaning: to be very expensive.
Example: These concert tickets/ this painting cost us an arm and a leg!

That’s a rip off.
Meaning: overpriced, far more expensive than it should be.
Example: When I took a taxi from the airport, it was a rip-off. The driver overcharged me.

That’s bit pricey.
Meaning: means a little bit over expensive.
Example: I think you can buy another jacket because this one’s a bit too pricey.

I can’t afford it.
Meaning: I don’t have enough money to buy it.
Example: “I can’t afford this car, right now it will cost me a fortune. Maybe we can buy it in the future.”

That’s quite reasonable
Meaning: it’s priced correctly.
I went to a really popular mall in Dubai and I was expecting it to be a bit pricey however to my surprise it turned out to be quite reasonable.

That’s a good deal
Meaning: a situation where you get a large amount of something (some profit)
Situation: Telling your friend that you bought a new phone which you didn’t expect to be so great and while your exploring it’s really awesome features you could tell her that it’s a good deal for money.

It’s 20 off.
Meaning: 20 % discount.
Telling somebody: I availed 20 % off on the overall purchase.

For inexpensive objects:

It was a real bargain
Meaning: a thing bought or offered for sale much cheaply than is usual or expected
Example: These beach T-shirts were a real bargain at the local bazaar and if I got them from the mall they would have cost me a fortune.

It was dirt cheap.
Meaning: extremely inexpensive
Example: Let’s buy some more of those plums. They’re dirt cheap.

Thank you for staying with Michelle in this English lesson. Do come back for more English Lessons.

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