Fun Vocabulary for Describing Sounds you hear every day

We all have been in situations where we need to talk about different levels of sounds. You might need to talk about the high volume of the music at a party or total silence in a library. So, how can we talk about different levels of sound using advanced vocabulary? In this English lesson, with me Michelle, you are going to learn to talk about both silence and noise. Learn describing different sounds you hear every day.

  1. Hush- Silence

Ex: A hush fell over the wedding hall when the bride walked in.

  1. Faint- talking in a low voice.

Ex: There was faint noise coming from the TV.

  1. Muffled- when you can hear someone talking but can’t understand their words clearly.

Ex:  They muffled behind the door but I couldn’t hear anything.

  1. Muted- when you expected that there would be a lot of noise but there isn’t any.

Ex: The applause was muted.

  1. Racquet- a loud and unpleasant continuous noise.

Ex: I couldn’t sleep because of the racquet made by the traffic.

  1. Commotion- a state of confusion and noisy disturbance.

Ex: What’s the commotion all about?

  1. Hubbub- laughter, shouting and chattering caused by a crowd.

Ex: I couldn’t hear anything because of the general hubbub in the party.

  1. Clatter- the sound of hard objects striking each other.

Ex: I heard the clatter from the kitchen and instantly knew that she was washing dishes.

  1. Can’t hear myself think- When the place is so noisy that we are unable to think as well.

Ex: Please stop shouting I can’t even hear myself think.

  1. Blaring out- Music at high volume

Ex: The music was blaring out of the speakers next to the pool.

  1. Full blast- full volume

Ex: My granddad had the TV on full blast.

  1. Pin drop silence- absolute silence

Ex: There was such silence that I could even hear a pin drop


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