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Gifting Vocabulary & Phrases ( ESL)

We all love receiving presents. And there are times when we gift things to others on different occasions. In this ESL English speaking lesson you will learn English phrases that you can use to give and receive presents.

ESL English conversation Phrases to use when giving presents:

It’s only something small, but I hope you like it. –
This is when you haven’t really spent too much however bought a thing which can be useful and liked by all.

I wasn’t sure what to get you but I hope you like it
Use it when you were really confused while buying something.

I thought this might go well with your (new dress / new bag)
When you buy something that would suit the thing that the person already owns.

English conversation Phrases to use when receiving presents:

Thank you so much, it’s lovely/fantastic/wonderful – Thank and appreciate the gift

It’s something I’ve always wanted – Show that you craved for this present.

Wow! What a thoughtful present! – Use this phrase when you think it is such a perfect present.

Hope these spoken English phrases lesson is helpful to all you out there, So start gifting and keep learning English and expand your English vocabulary and English Grammar.

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