How to give ‘Effective Presentations’?

Giving an effective presentation is very important in the current work scenario . Effective presentation skills can earn you that much awaited contract or even get you promoted. In this Skillopedia session you are going to learn 06 tips to give a great and amazing presentation. Follow the tips to give a great presentation and improve your presentation skills.

Know your audience

If you want to influence people, you need to know what they care about and what motivates them.Find out details about their hobbies , interests , background , age . All these details will help you prepare the presentation in a way that it is relevant to your audience .

Eye contact and Body language

You can’t connect with someone if you’re not looking him or her in the eye. Just make sure to give good eye contact to every person you are presenting to without staring at any individual for too long.
Your body posture should be straight and confident and your body language should be firm and focused.

Use humour effectively

Humor adds an additional flavor to your presentation. Apt humor can relax an audience and make it feel more comfortable with you as the speaker. Humor helps you highlight your point and helps the audience understand or remember it better . It can help the audience to become more receptive and open to your presentation.

Avoid reading slides

Make interesting , detailed well prepared slides but never read them out because then the audience may get bored . Leave the slide on for the audience to read it and make your point through your talk .Make you focus on points that are not stated in the slide . Come up with conclusions , pointers and inferences that are not mentioned in your slide.

Get creative

Always remember your presentation should be an amazing experience for the audience . So , get creative , use interesting and innovative ways to present . Use sound , videos , images , music to make it effective and break the monotony of a regular presentation. If your presentation is memorable and creative … it will stay with the audience and may just work in your favor .

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