Difference between ‘Gradually’ & ‘Eventually’

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1. ________ the numbness in her leg led to pain.


2. She was so tired that ________ she dozed off.


3. __________ he began to find that there were disadvantages of smoking.


4. Alex would____________ accept the baby as his.


5. No doubt Sarah would ___________ come back for the money.


6. Samantha would __________ be leaving for a better job anyway.


7. ____________, she learned dancing.


8. Researchers _________  collect evidence to support their theories.


9. _______, my ankle got better.


10. We looked at over 60 different houses before __________ finding what we wanted in this city.


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In this Spoken English lesson, you will learn the two important English words used in your day to day conversation.

Often, people get confused and use these two English words interchangeably. The two English words mean different and are used in an English conversation depending on the situation.

Gradually: means slowly, step by step, little by little. It is the opposite of ‘suddenly’.

In Spoken English, when you want to say something happened slowly, or step by step, you use gradually.

  • Example: Gradually he learned to live alone.
  • Example: My vocabulary is gradually increasing.
  • Example: The young boy left his bicycle out in the rain for weeks, so it gradually began to rust.

Eventually: means ‘ultimately, something happens after a long time. It is also used to say what the result of the outcome was.

  • Example: He will eventually take control of the company when his father retires.
  • Example: She will eventually get married and have kids.
  • Example: Eventually, the world will run out of fossil fuel.


  • madam…. I am one of your fans. I always try to follow you..but I am a new commer here… I need solution of my some grammeritical problem…..basically based on pronouns.. In case we say This book is yours.
    He is friend of yours.
    what should I say when there is a noun
    He is friends of Aryas.

  • please ma’am explain the difference between ‘recall,remind,recollect,remember’.

  • Please Ma’am teach us the difference between ‘recall,recollect,remember,remind’.

  • Help me ma’am i very confused in using word having. could you please add lesson for use of word “Having”

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