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22 Confusing English Words | HOMONYMS | Fix Common Vocabulary Mistakes & Errors

This English lesson with Michelle will teach your the common vocabulary mistakes made with Homonyms. These Confusing english words sound the same but their spellings are different and have different meanings. This vocabulary even confuses most native speakers, especially when you are writing in English, while speaking English they really don’t matter because they sound similar. If you don’t understand the difference you might have trouble while writing an IELTS exam, email, or an essay, it’s considered as grammar mistakes and you would lose points. In an IELTS or TOEFL test, when your confuse these English words, you are sure to reduce your score. This English lesson is brought yo you by Let’s Talk English speaking institute in Mumbai. On our channel you would find videos to improve your English reading, writing, speaking and listening. We cove topics such as Grammar, Conversation, Tips and tricks to improve English, Accent Training, Difference between British and American English, Job interview skills, Business English conversations and much more to answer your Question – How to speak English fluently and confidently in the real world.

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