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Hoodwink – English Vocabulary Lesson # 108

Sometimes people take you for a ride and you realize it a bit too late.
The word ‘hoodwink’ basically means to deceive or to cheat someone.
When you intend something bad, but elaborately fake good intentions, you hoodwink someone.

It means you actually make someone believe something that is not true or real, by tricking or misleading them into doing wrong things. Hoodwinking is a sly act as you actually deceive someone.

A person who hoodwinks in called a hoodwinker.

For example, A mechanic tricks you into buying a second hand car, stating that the engine is good. After buying it, you actually spend a lot of money on its repairs, and eventually you realize that you were deceived. It means you were hoodwinked by your mechanic into buying the car.

The word hoodwink is a verb that shows the action of cheating or tricking someone into something. Hoodwinked is the past and past participle forms of the verb.
Example 01 : The attractive display of shoes and bags at the discounted store, aimed at hoodwinking ladies by selling outdated stock.

Example 02 : The magician hoodwinks the audience by performing with his superficial magical powers.

Example 03 : Richard hoodwinked his colleagues by calling in sick, when he was actually participating in horse racing.

Example 04 : With her sweet talks, Jennifer always hoodwinks men into buying her drinks at the bar.

Example 05 : The MD of the company hoodwinked the investors by presenting fake financial reports of the company.

Example 06 : Mother hoodwinks Ben into eating his food by telling him scary stories.

Example 07 : On checking her boyfriend’s phone, Rachel was angry as she realized that he was cheating on her.

Example 08 : The real estate agent was trying to hoodwink the couple into purchasing an apartment that was under dispute.

Example 09 : Many beauty creams hoodwink women by claiming to have fairness and anti-ageing properties.

Example 10 : Jessy admired the jewellery but didn’t buy any because she was afraid of being hoodwinked, as she was a tourist in that city.

Have you ever been hoodwinked into something and felt very cheated after realizing it?


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