How to avoid Nosy People?

Everybody wants to know what’s happening is someone else’s life. Not all are comfortable giving out personal details. Questions like, how much money do you make? How many men have you been dating? Why are you taking a day off? Work, relationships, money can be private areas and many would not like to discuss about it. So in this lesson let’s see how to avoid nosy questions.

 Not important –

One way of handling such question is just say it’s not important. For example if someone would ask you how much money do you make? You can answer by saying, Well, it’s not really important for me.

Change the subject –

You can just change the subject by saying Ohh, did I tell you…..or I almost forgot to tell you that….

Repeat the Question –

You can just repeat the question with a surprised voice and facial expression.

Smart Answers –

You can act smart by asking them, So are you from CIA,FBI or from some government tax office?

Polite Answers –

You can just say politely, I’m sorry I prefer not to answer such personal questions. Or, Wow, that’s a personal question!

Answer like a politician –

Be diplomatic or indirect. The way politicians usually answer directly for example if someone asks you about how much money you make you can start talking about the economy.

Humour –

Humour is always a polite way of keeping things light and civil. You can add humour when answering to any of the above nosy questions.

It’s complicated –

You can always simply say it’s complicated when someone asks you about relationships or financial matters.

When I figure it out… –

I love this answer it’s a great way to say when I figure it out I will let you know. When people ask me about my age or marriage or babies I just say “When I figure it out I will surely let you know.

I will update it on Facebook –

World revolves around the social media so when I want to share my details I will surely post it on facebook, which kind of means I am never going to share my personal things.

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  • what is the meaning of ‘complicated’ relationship? what it exactly mean? so that i can use when someone ask me about my relationship….

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