How to describe physical pain in English.

In this English lesson you will how to describe and express physical pain in English. There is no doubt that pain is totally awful and we all hate it, yet it’s a constant part of human experience. In English we have pain vocabulary. In this English lesson we will learn to explain the different types of pain.

1) Burning –

It is a tingling pain and it feels as if a part of your body is touching something hot.

2) Chapped –

We experience chapped skin or lips which are dry and painful especially because of cold weather.

3) Acute –

This type of pain is used for describing pain that is strong and sharp but lasts for a short period.

4) Chronic –

It is a serious pain that need medical attention. It is again a very strong and sharp pain but lasts for very long time.

5) Griping –

A sharp sudden pain in the stomach

6) Inflamed –

A part of your body that is inflamed is swollen, red and is painful because of an infection or injury,.

7) Itchy –

Itchiness is an unpleasant feeling on your skin that makes you want to scratch or rub it.

8) Sore –

Soreness is because of an injury or infection which is painful and makes you feel very uncomfortable.

9) Stiff –

Stiffness is pain in your muscles and you cannot move your body part easily.

10) Stabbing –

Stabbing is a sudden, strong and sharp pain.

11. Agliophobia –

If a person has an abnormal fear of pain, he or she is an agliophobic.

Hope this English speaking lesson is helpful to you in describing different types of pain.

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