How to end end a conversation?

Some people have questions about how to end  conversation. There are different reasons to why you would want to finish a conversation with someone, may be you want to get back to what you were doing, or may be you not in a chatty mood and want to keep things short or may be the conversation is way too boring.

The way you would finish a conversation depends on the situation you are in. So, in this lesson you will learn different ways to end a conversation:-
1) Situation :- When you meet someone for the first time.
“It’s been nice talking to you/great talking to you. Let’s keep in touch”
2) Situation :- When you are talking to someone at work while you both are grabbing a cup of coffee.
“Anyway, I’ll talk to you more later. I’ll let you get back to your work”
3) Situation :- At parties/bars/networking events
“If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go grab another drink” / “I just saw someone I’ve been meaning to catch up with”
4) Situation :- Day to Day
“It was good running into you.I’m actually on my way to work / on my way to meet a friend for coffee”
You can finish a conversation a lot more quickly and casually and need not drag things too much.
Hope you enjoy this lesson!

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