How to form Adverbs from Adjectives – English Grammar Lesson

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1. She __________ to arrive tonight.


2. They are not supposed to enter without a ticket means,


3. We are supposed to reach on time means,


4. He ___________ to call me this evening.


5. You ______________________ take me to dinner, but you didn’t.


6. The new mall is supposed to be very big, it means:


7. I ________________ tell you Maria’s secret.


8. They are expected to be here any minute. It means,


9. We __________ use the internet for personal reasons at work.


10. You are expected to be formally dressed to work, so..


Question 1 of 10

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For most of us forming adverbs can be tricky. In this English Grammar lesson you will some tips to forms adverbs and spell them correctly. Adverbs describe verbs ( actions) however are formed from adjectives. Below are some rules in order to form adverbs correctly.

The basic rule is that ‘ly’ is added to the end of the adjective.

Quick – Quickly
Sudden – Suddenly
Special – Specially

Adjectives that end with ‘e’, we simply add ‘ly’ to form adverbs

Nice- Nicely
Polite – Politely

However, there are few exceptions where the adjectives end with ‘e’ but to form adverbs ‘e’ is replaced by ‘ly’

True – Truly
Whole – Wholly
Due – Duly
Full – Fully

Adjectives that end in ‘y’ we remove the ‘y’ and add ‘ily’

Crazy – crazily
Happy – Happily
Lazy – Lazily
Hungry – Hungrily

If the adjectives end with ‘le’ we replace the final ‘e’ with ‘y’ to form adverbs

Terrible -Terribly
Comfortable – Comfortably
Incredible – Incredibly
Possible – Possibly

Adjectives ending with ‘ic’ we simply add ‘ally’

Ironic – Ironically
Realistic – Realistically
Enthusiastic – Enthusiastically

Hope these tips are helpful to you to form adverbs and to spell them correctly.

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