How to give an effective feedback? Communication skills by Skillopedia

In this Business Communication series by Skillopedia you will learn how to give or share feedback with your team members which would them to stay motivated at work and be more productive with their skills. If you are a manager or a leader, part of our role is to give feedback to your team. Feedback is essential for all individuals and teams. The employees want to know if they are doing well and where they have to improve on. Many managers and leaders fail to give an effective feedback and there are many who don’t give a feedback at all. Here are some tips for giving a feedback.

1. Leave the negatives at the door –

Remember a feedback is not criticism. Do not act like a wold big cat who is ready to pounce on your team members. It is easy to fall into the trap of pointing negative points only. But in reality people get more right than they do wrong. Make a point noticing the positive points like hitting sales targets, dealing with an angry customer or hitting deadlines. If anything negative, do not use any threatening negative language, choose your words correctly.

2. Be specific –

Giving feedback effectively is a skill and when done in the right way and with right intentions you will see the difference in the team’s performance. Telling your employee that “you have lousy people skill” is not the constructive way of giving a feedback. Describe a specific example of the behavior you have observed and provide suggestions as to how he could do things differently.

3. Be quick –

Sooner you give feedback , the better. You don’t have to wait for an appraisal or a meeting to be held in order to give a feedback. Whether the feedback is positive or negative, give it at the earliest opportunity. It is also important to be consistent.

4. Actionable Feedback –

An effective feedback is concrete, specific and useful. Avoid giving a feedback that cannot be acted upon, check if the feedback is understood by your team member and has been taken in a positive manner. It is also essential to give your team member the opportunity to discuss their points.

Giving feedback will always be a challenge but you can greatly enhance your performance by following the tips that I have helped you with.

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