How to make a first good impression in a job interview?

Trying too hard to impress, are we?  Making a good impression is imperative in an interview.  Here are a few basics you might want to stick with to create a good and lasting impression:

 1.Entering confidently-

Before entering a room, take a deep breath-RELAX.  Make sure you always wear a smile.  While you’re entering, realign your posture. Bring your shoulders back and down.  A good erect posture shows confidence.  Scan the room or look around while you’re walking in.  This will make you look a lot more positive and thus help create a good first impression.

 2. Hand shake and Eye contact-

Make sure you give a good, cool and firm handshake.  Your handshake cant be overly strong or weak.  Look the person in the eye and smile while making that proper eye contact.  It shows that you are an honest person and acceptable to feedback.

 3. Posture:

Sitting posture plays a very important role.  Practice sitting down in front of a mirror, in the outfit you will be wearing, to see if it fits and looks good on you. Practice sitting well in the chair to appear more confident. Rest your elbows on the arm of the chair and maybe cross your legs.  Your muscles get good practice when you do this.  This way when you actually sit on the day of the interview, your posture appears natural and at ease.  Of course it goes without saying that your Sitting posture must never be slouchy.

 4. Gestures:

Don’t use barriers such as folding your arms as this will make you look too closed.  Open or emphatic gestures when you speak show that you are responsive and open to feedback.  Don’t let your nervousness show by shaking your hand and legs.  Don’t keep your fingers and hands knotted closed either-it doesn’t show confidence.

 5. Matching the frequency:

Try mirroring or aping the interviewer to create fast-track rapport. This is achieved by adopting the interviewer’s body language which will help you come across as more approachable.

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