How to politely end a conversation without being rude?

Like common sense, courtesy is not as important as it once was. Nevertheless, gentle and polite social behavior remains a part of getting along with others. And even when a conversation is interesting, you sometimes have to end it before the other person is ready. Here are some ways to end or deoart a conversation gracefully.

1. Body Language –

Carefully observe body language.Signs the other person is ready to leave include a wandering gaze, a small step away from you, and increasingly shorter responses to what you say. Other behavior telling you they want to go are putting things in a bag or putting on a jacket or sweater.

2. Pause –

Wait for a pause and offer a handshake.As the other responds, say, “It was great talking with you” or “I have a few more things to do but I enjoyed our conversation. See you later.”

3. Apoligize but be firm –

Offer an apology.“I don’t want to keep you any longer/I can see you’re busy, but it was good to see you.”

4. Appreciate –

Say you have to leave. You can say, “I’m sorry but I have some things I have to get done today.” Remain polite but firm.

5. Smile and say goodbye.

This will communicate you’re friendly. You could add something about being happy you’ve had a chance to talk.

6. Suggest.

If you want to see the other person again, suggest meeting in the near future. Be specific. “How about next Wednesday morning?” is better than “We’ll have to get together soon.”

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