How to pronounce – ed endings in English?

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We can’t go swimming because the pool is covered.


Natasha received a gift from her boyfriend.


Yesterday, they hiked the diesel prices by $2 per liter.


Australia played out England to register a win in the test series.


The car’s fender is dented.


As a part of the green revolution, the government planted a 1000 trees in the city.


We hunted for her lost car keys in the entire office, but could not find them.


Little John brushed his teeth before he went to bed.


James rented a car for the weekend. 


Mitchell showed her new apartment to us yesterday.


Question 1 of 10

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The past simple tense and the past particle of all regular verbs end in -ed.

Example :
  • Base verb – Wash
  • Past simple – Washed
  • Past participle – Washed

There are three ways of pronouncing the ed:-

1) /id/ – If the last sound to the word is /d/ or /t/ then the -ed will sound like /id/

  • Started
  • Ended
  • Admitted
  • Suggested
  • Decided

2) /t/ –  If the last sound of the word is unvoiced like /p/ , /f/, /s/, /ch/, /sh/ and /k/ then the -ed sound is /t/.

  • Stopped
  • laughed
  • kissed
  • watched
  • washed
  • liked

3) /d/ – For all the words that end with – ed and are voiced then the -ed is pronounced as /d/.

  • Allowed
  • Enjoyed
  • Cleaned
  • Cried
  • Imagined
Hope you enjoy the lesson and keep practicing to get the right pronunciation


  • The last sound of “English” is unvoiced. It’s same as “wash”, so the -ed of “Englished” is /t/.

  • Hi Nice vedio,

    can you explain how to identify the silent letter in words

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