How to read ‘E’ correctly? Accent & English pronunciation lesson

We often notice, we are comfortable with spoken English but are not sure with writing or reading in English, especially, if the words contain the letter E in them. In this English Accent lesson, the learners will discover the various sounds the letter E makes.

In English, the letter E takes four sound; ae, ee, aw/oh, uh/no sound.

Ae; Echo (ae-cho) Engineer (aen-gineer) Bed (b-aed) Led (l-aed) shed (sh-aed).

The rule for this pronunciation is: E takes the ae sound either if it comes at the beginning of the word, for example eggs, or, at the middle of the word if it is the only vowel in the word, example, bed.

EE; read (r-eed), seed, receive (re-cee-v).

If we notice, if there are two vowels together in a word and one of the vowel is e, we get the ee sound. However, few exceptions we have to this rule are the words me, she, he, we, in which there is only one vowel, E, but it is pronounced as ee.

Aw/oh: entre (ohn-tray), Envelop (ohn-velop), entrepreneur (ohn-tray-prey-nuer).

WE should understand that Entre is different than entry. While ‘entre’ is a portion of a meal, the British call it starter and the Americans call it appetizer, ‘entry’ is a passage or a doorway. Entrepreneur is another word for businessman.

Uh or No sound: Simple (simp-uhl), People (pee-puhl), possible (possi-buhl), Farmer (fah-muh), Govern (gov-urn).

In these words, the letter E becomes silent and we don’t hear the E while using them.

It may be difficult but we need to practice by watching English videos or reading newspaper to learn more examples.

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