How to speak English like native speakers? Idioms & Expressions

In this Spoken English lesson your trainer Michelle will talk about some idioms that are very commonly used by native English speakers. These idioms are very helpful in making you sound natural and fluent while making conversation in English. Watch the English speaking video to learn these idioms from Michelle and listen carefully to the explanation so that you can easily use them in your day to day conversation. Let’s go.

To twist someone’s arm – to tactfully convince someone to do something

To be up in the air – to be uncertain of a situation and still deciding

To sit tight – to be patient

To pitch in – to contribute to something

To go cold turkey – to quit something suddenly

To be under the weather – to be sick or unwell

To cut the chase – to avoid long conversations

To find your feet – to become comfortable in an environment

To keep your chin up – to not lose hope

Rule of thumb – an unwritten rule that everyone knows

So here are the simple idioms that you can use easily. Their meanings have been broken down for you by Michelle so that you can use them and sound confident and natural while you speak English. Happy learning.

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