How to stay self-motivated? Personality Development Skills

In this video from Skillopedia you will learn how to stay self-motivated.  Life is tough and we are so burdened with stress. So what’s the most essential thing you require to be happy , stress free and enjoy the things you do? Self motivation- the force that drives you to things. In this session today let’s discuss some tips that will help you to remain motivated every single day.

Celebrate the Little Wins

Little wins may seem just like that. But no matter how small they are its nice to celebrate them. Celebrating these wins can help you to create positive environment , makes you happy and also helps you to stay focused. be it Kudos from your boss or an appreciation from your family member, celebrate it.

Keep your Cards Close to you

You running a marathon or excited about your new diet plan or may be working on a new big project. That is wonderful! But keep to yourself. Announcing your plans to the world may backfire at you. Resist your urge to update it on social media. The positive comments from your family members and friends will make you feel that you have accomplished your goal. So keep the big things to yourself and share it once you have already done it.

Stop Comparing

it’s time to be gentle with yourself. Stop comparing yourself with other people’s accomplishments. We live in the world of Facebook, Twitter etc where you come across successful people but remember grass is always greener on the other side. You just have to stay focused on your goals and stop worrying about what others are up to.

Do What you Love to Do

Find out what you love doing and work towards it.  If you are passionate about something and you can make a living out of it, then go ahead. I am passionate about many things , like I love playing the guitar but I can’t be a rock-star and start making a living out of it. You have to be realistic about the things you love to do.

Slash Your To -Do List in half

At times we  tend to put in to many things in our to-do list. Slashing your aggressive to do list in half will allow room for success. Knowing that it’s realistic for you to complete the list is empowering.  A big list tends to be more like a torture and will not help you to achieve success. Having few things will help you to attain your goals faster.

Hope these tips help you to stay self motivated. Look at motivation as excitement. take a break, you deserve it and understand these points to attain the best in life.

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