How to talk about Work-time/ Work hours in English.

Work time or working hours is the period of time that you spend doing work and your are paid for it. In English there are words and phrases to describe or to talk about our work hours. Standard working hours of countries worldwide are around 40-44 hours per week. Working time may vary from person to person often depending on the job location, culture or lifestyle choices. So let us learn the phrases that will help us to discuss about work hours in English.

Starting Time/ Leaving Time –

Generally when someone asks you about your working hours, one should mention the start time and then mention the time you head back home.

Example – I start work at 11 am and the I am done by 8 pm.

9-to-5 –

It is a phrase to describe a standard day job time. A typical job that includes waking up,leaving for work,coming home at night. More neutrally it a job with stable hours and low career risk.

Full Time –

It is a term used to describe the whole time of someone’s available working time. Standard working week for a full timer is 5 days a week with eight  working hours in a day

Part Time –

It is a term used to describe employment with fewer hours per week as compared to a full timer.

Over time –

Time worked in addition to one’s normal working hours is called overtime.

Time off in lieu –

The period of time that an employee who has worked extra may take off from work. All called as compensatory time.

Sabbatical –

It is a rest from work or break to travel or study or even to research, often lasting from 2 months to 2 years depending on the company’s sabbatical policy.

Time sheet –

A record of the number of hours worked by an employee.

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