How to use ‘Let’ & ‘Allow’ with permissions?

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1. Don’t _____ the cat drink the milk.


2. I didn’t _________ him to listen to music last week.


3. Why don’t you _____ me do my work?


4. The manager __________ all the rules to be broke.


5. The team leader hasn’t _________ Sam attend the meeting today.


6. She _________her kids to cook.


7. Don’t _____ yourself be hurt in this mess.


8. We never __________ Sarah to speak to John after their divorce.


9. Don’t ________ him talk to you so aggressively!


10. We didn’t ___________ the students to take their projects home.


Question 1 of 10

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In this Advanced English Grammar lesson, you are going to learn how to use ‘let’ and ‘allow’ as permissive verbs and how to use them in your daily English conversation.

Let: is a verb that indicates permission. Its three forms remain the same.

The structure used is ‘let somebody do something’

  • Example: Maria opened the door and let her dog go outside.
  • Example: John never lets me pay for dinner.
  • Example: He let his son watch television last night.
  • Another structure used is ‘let something be done.’
  • Example: Don’t let your mind be changed.
  • Example: You left the keys in the ignition and the door unlocked. You let your car be stolen.

Allow: is a verb that indicates permission. Its three forms are allow (present), allowed (past) and allowed (past participle).

The structure used is ‘allow somebody to do something.’

  • Example: My boss never allows me to go home early.
  • Example: She doesn’t allow her children to cross the road alone.
  • Example: We allowed Maria and John to stay out late last night.
  • Another structure used is ‘allow something to be done.’
  • Example: Our boss never allows a single rule to be broken.
  • Example: The mother would never let her baby be harmed.

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