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How to use multiple adjectives in a sentence?

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The correct order of the sentence with ‘pink, sheet, plastic, disgusting’ is:


He recited a ___________, _______________, __________ poem.


Maria wore a __________, _________, _________ , _______ dress.


My grandfather has a ________, _________, _________ coat.


I sleep on an __________, ________ , _________bed.


I love the _______, __________, _________ car.


We have an ________, ________ ,________ girl in our class.


Maria bought an ________, _________, ________ coat.


Do you have a ________, _______, _______, _______ box?


John is a _______, ______, ________ man.


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At times, you may find it difficult when you have to use many adjectives to describe something. In this lesson, you will learn how to place all the adjectives correctly in a single sentence.

There is an order to follow:

  1. General opinion: good, beautiful, stunning etc.
  2. Size: small, tall, big etc.
  3. Shape: round, rectangular etc.
  4. Age:  a ten year old, prehistoric etc.
  5. Color: black, white, green etc.
  6. Origin: Chinese, German etc.
  7. Material: leather, Satin etc.
  8. Purpose: study table, coffee table etc.

Study the example given below:

  • Example: I have a black, Italian, leather coat. (color, origin, material)
  • Example: These are delicious, huge, round cookies. (opinion, size, shape)
  • Example: My friend married a tall, fair, Japanese man. (size, color, origin)
  • Example: I have a shiny, small, square, metal vase. (opinion, size, shape, material)
  • Example: I bought an oval, antique, coffee table. (shape, age, purpose)

Remember to put a comma after every adjective, except after the last one.

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  1. GOPINATHAN.K says:

    i know little about the using the english language in writting and speaking. i want to correct it. becos. of that i am afraid of getting a job as i just retired. i have gone thro.’ some lesson delivered by Madam rachana thro. youtube.
    one can easily understand the explanations. now it is available in the YOUTUBE NOT IN A ORDER i.e., from the lesson no.1 and in order. it is here and there. ex. if madam explains from using of noun, verb etc., if it is there just like me every one will find easy to handle . will you provide the opprtunity?

  2. sudeshna roy says:

    now it is clear how to put adjective in order… but first I have to memorise the order. Thanks. And waiting for more .

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