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Hey subscribers, welcome to another English speaking practice lesson with Rachna. In today’s spoken English lesson you are learning how to use the word ‘otherwise’ in English sentences. Now most of the students avoid using this word as they are confused or make mistakes while using it. This English lesson will cover all your doubts about using the word ‘Otherwise’ correctly in English. Don’t be afraid to use this words and speak English confidently after you blow away all your doubts. Learn English the smart way and speak smart English.

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Complete Lesson Transcript :-

Hi friends, I’m Rachna and I’m back with a new lesson. Well, I love doing English lessons, I love making English lessons, otherwise I wouldn’t be here today. Did I use the word otherwise? Yes, this is what we are going to learn in today’s Lesson, using otherwise in English. Now a lot of people get confused and often don’t understand when they use otherwise in the sentence. So this is what we are going to look at today. Okay, so let’s start we must hurry up otherwise we’ll miss the train. Now what do you understand by this? We need to hurry up otherwise we’ll miss the train. Now this sentence suggests or rather otherwise suggests a possible outcome. So when you want to say that if you do or you don’t do something that will have a possible outcome you use the word otherwise. Okay, so if you don’t hurry up the possible outcome will be that you’ll miss the train. Got it friends? so first we use otherwise to denote or to express a possible outcome of a particular situation, okay? So remember the first use of otherwise is to express a possible outcome.

Now let’s take a look at another example with a similar meaning. You must work hard, you’ll fail the test. So, now I’m gonna tell you otherwise, so, this otherwise is expressing a possible outcome. You must work hard, okay it’s required it’s mandate, otherwise, you’ll fail the test. The possible outcome of your not working hard is that you’ll fail the test. So remember when you have or when you want to express a situation that will have a possible outcome, please go ahead and use otherwise. Okay, it’s like on the other side or on the other hand kind of a thing, use otherwise.

Okay, now let’s take a look at the next use of otherwise. I hope she reports on time. Now I have a colleague of mine who is late, perpetually late every day and she has been given a warning so I tell my team, I hope she reports on time otherwise, she’ll be sacked. Now, here otherwise is used in place of ‘if not’ so let me put it in this sense, if not. I hope she reports on time, if she does not she’ll be sacked, okay? So instead of saying it does not, I used the word, otherwise, okay? Now imagine there is an epidemic okay or there was an epidemic and you know we had a vaccination to save children and that is the time you can say. The vaccination invented was a saviour otherwise children would have died. That means if not, if there was no innovation or if that did not happen children would have died. So use otherwise in place of if not okay friends.

The next one says she must be very intelligent otherwise she wouldn’t have solved the puzzle. Now here what I’m trying to tell you is a particular situation is true okay. So the fact that my friend is very intelligent, it is a fact, it is the truth okay. If she weren’t intelligent okay so if this fact is not so or it is not factual, the situation would be different. What I’m trying to tell you is she could solve the puzzle because okay, because she is intelligent, so she solved it the cause she is intelligent, factual information but if the situation wouldn’t be true she wouldn’t have solved the puzzle. The fact is she is very intelligent okay. I use otherwise to tell you if she weren’t intelligent, if this situation would not be true she wouldn’t have solved the puzzle okay friends.

Now let’s take a very interesting example, Sam has a thing for Mary okay he likes her. Now, every time he asks her friends about her when she’s not around. So Mary’s friend Jessica goes and tells Mary, do you know Sam asks about you when you’re not around in the college campus? And Mary is a little startled, she is a bit taken aback and she says really but why? so Jessica says because Sam likes you. I think he likes you it’s pretty obvious that’s why he asks about you and Jessica says sorry Mary says come on Jessica I think you’re kidding and then Jessica says, he’s interested in you otherwise okay he wouldn’t be asking about you. So he’s interested is a fact okay otherwise he wouldn’t be asking about you, that means if he was not interested or if he were not interested he would not be asking about you. So remember you use otherwise to say that something is factual, a situation is true because if it were not true she wouldn’t have solved the puzzle or probably Sam wouldn’t have asked about Mary okay. So that is how we use otherwise okay friends. So that is one of the uses of otherwise fine.

Now let’s take a look at the next use the government must ban okay it must ban or otherwise prevent the sale of cigarettes. Now the whole idea is to get cigarettes out of the picture. So either he bans it or otherwise prevents it. So when you want to say do something differently or in a different way or in your own way, you use the word otherwise okay. Now imagine your room is in a mess okay and your mother tells you, I’ll get rid of things otherwise or she may say I’ll get rid of things or do it otherwise or you do it otherwise that means you do it differently you do it your way but the mess needs to be out of the room. Likewise, the government must ban or otherwise prevent, do something differently to get cigarettes out of the picture. So yes use otherwise when you want to say do something differently, do it your way do it, do it otherwise okay and the last one says I’m tired but otherwise I’m fine.

Now it means that something is true except for the fact that I’ve just mentioned this is true. I’m fine okay I’m in good health, everything’s all right, all good okay. This is true except for the fact that I get a bit tired okay. Now so sometimes you want to probably describe a particular person and say she’s beautiful okay. Okay let me put it this way; she’s chubby but otherwise beautiful. The fact is that she is beautiful okay just that exception that she’s chubby. Likewise, I’m a bit tired okay so someone tells me Rachna you’re looking pale and look really you know you look haggard, I mean are you all right? I’ll say yes I’m a bit tired but otherwise I’m fine. Something is a fact except what I have just mentioned. I’m fine it’s a fact except what I just mentioned is I’m tired. So use otherwise.

Okay friends so these are the common users of otherwise in a nutshell. It’s a possible outcome of a situation; it is used instead of if not okay. The third one to say a situation is true because if it were not it would be different, fourth to do something differently do it otherwise, do it your way. Fifth well something is a fact except or what you just mentioned. Okay, so these are the common uses of otherwise and well this brings me to the end of this lesson. I hope you enjoyed watching it I’ll be back soon with a new lesson till then take care and bye.


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