Idioms related to Emotions

Learn Idioms related to emotions.

To carry a torch for somebody

To secretly love someone who does not love you.

Eg. Graeme’s been carrying a torch for Linda for years.

Chip on one’s shoulder

A bad attitude that tends to get someone easily upset.

Eg. Why did you get so angry at the slightest criticism? You seem to have a chip on your shoulder.

A fish out of water

Someone who is uncomfortable in a particular situation.

Eg.After living in Hong Kong for most of his life, Lee was a fish out of water in Los Angeles.

To go bananas

To go mildly crazy.

Eg. Sorry, I just went bananas for a minute.

Go to pieces – also fall to pieces

To lose confidence in yourself and feel you have no control over events.

Eg.After he and Edna divorced, John went to pieces.

Be as hard as nails

To have no feelings or sympathy for other people.

Eg. She’ll be good in business – she’s as hard as nails.

No hard feelings

No anger or resentment.

Eg. I hope you don’t have any hard feelings. No, I have no hard feelings.

To be in a stew

To be worried and confused about something

Eg .She was in a stew over the party arrangements.

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