IELTS Speaking Test Part 0 – Greetings & Introductions

Dear IELTS aspirants, welcome to Let’s talk! I am your new trainer Alisha. Welcome to my free online video for the IELTS Speaking test. Well, we all know that the IELTS speaking test has 3 sections, however today I want to discuss the section/Part 0 with you, which is simply, greeting the examiner. In this English lesson, you will learn how to greet the IELTS interviewer so that you set the right tone for the interview. This part albeit is very simple however I still want to ensure you make no mistakes in it.

So let us look that Part 0, this can be divided into 4 questions:

  1. This is where the examiner will introduce himself/herself with their full name.


Examiner: Good afternoon, my name is Lisa Smith; could you please tell me your full name?

Your response can be with or without the name of the examiner, however, please do not add any title to the examiner’s first name, as it is incorrect to add a title to the first name.

The correct way to greet the examiner is :

Candidate: “Good afternoon, my name is Alisha Ray.”

“Good afternoon Lisa, I am Alisha Ray.”

Please smile and enunciate your name clearly and slowly.

  1. This is a section or part where the examiner may want to know how they should address you.

Example: the examiner may ask:

Examiner: “What can I call you?”

Please be polite, smile and let them know that they can call you by your first name OR by your English name if you have any. It is perfectly ok if you do not have an English name.

Please do not explain the reason behind your name or why you are called that, this is not required or expected. This is not the test but just introductions hence please keep it precise and simple.

  1. The third question in this part will be the place you come from, the examiner will ask you as follows:


Examiner: “Where are you from?”

“Where do you come from?”

Please answer by just mentioning the city that you come from with just the location of it in your country. So if you are from Mumbai; please construct your answer as follows:

“I am from Mumbai which is in the west of India.”

Please do not ask the examiner whether they have been there or not, do not recommend the examiner to visit the city you come from, as this is not required.

Please pronounce the English pronunciation of the City you come from and not the local pronunciation.

  1. The last question the examiner will ask is for your identification.


Examiner: “May I see your identification or ID please?”

Please smile and present your identification to the examiner.

It is a good practice to answer in one of these manners as they are considered polite.


“Sure, please.” and hand it over to the examiner.

“Sure, here it is.”

“Yes of course.”

Friends this is a simple part and basically your chance to greet the examiner; this will set a pace for the speaking test, hence I highly recommend you relax, be polite and confident.

Above all smile and maintain your composure and I am certain you will definitely leave a great impression on your examiner!

Please practice these simple steps at home. All the best!

Complete Lesson Transcript –

Hello everybody, welcome once again to a lesson on Let’s Talk and of course you know me, I’m your trainer, Alisha, and of course, before we start our lesson, I need you to quickly subscribe to our channel and click on the bell icon. Well, what are we gonna talk about today? Today I’m going to share with you some quick essentials for the IELTS speaking test. Now we all know that the IELTS speaking test lasts for 11 to 14 minutes and it has 3 parts but you’re perhaps wondering, why have I mentioned part 0 on the board? well because I want to talk to you about greeting the examiner which begins even before your test has begun. and although it’s a very, very simple 4 step process but there are still mistakes that we are likely to make and I don’t want you to make those mistakes. and that’s why I’m gonna share with you these essentials that you need to be mindful of.

alright, so your first step is going to be to greet your examiner. your examiner will greet himself or herself and introduce themselves by their first name or full name. so they may say, Hi, My name is Lisa Smith or Good afternoon, my name is Lisa Smith. can I get your full name please? or what is your full name? You have the option to revert to the examiner by saying Lisa, my name is Alisha. Now you may or may not give away the examiner’s name. that’s your option. however, if you wish to address the examiner with their first name, please do not add any titles to the first name. remember, titles are not added to the first name. it is incorrect. hence, you can simply say, good afternoon, Lisa, my name is Alisha Nair. alright, there you go. Now, when you give away your name be extremely slow, don’t be fast and say, my name is Alisha Nair, because it may be difficult for your examiner to understand your name and of course when you’re giving away your name, be proud of it and smile because that is a display of your comfort and your confidence.


so, the next question is a simple one. your examiner may just ask you; okay what can I call you? You can tell them, oh please call me Alisha or you can simply tell them, and just call me Alisha. be comfortable, keep it simple and short. Please do not begin to explain what is your nickname and why do people call you that. that’s not required. remember, this is not the test, it’s just the beginning. it’s just a greeting and hence you don’t need to elaborate the history behind your name. just let your examiner know that you can call me Alisha.


the third question is going to be, where are you from? The examiner wants to know where are you from. so all you need to do is give the name of the place that you are from and perhaps the location. you can add a bit more information but not too much. so for example, if I’m asked where are you from? I would love to say, I am from Mumbai, the land of Bollywood and I love Mumbai because it is so cosmopolitan. I don’t need to give all of that information. I just need to let the examiner know that I come from Mumbai which is in the west of India. that’s sufficient. However, be very careful of your pronunciation. You don’t want to say that I come from Mumbai. You will have to pronounce the name of the city in the way people pronounce it all over the world. so if you’re coming from Calcutta. you cannot say I come from Kolkata. You have to say Calcutta. so remember, pronounce the name of your city in the way it’s pronounced all over the world and add a little bit of information, not too much of information. just give the location and the country and you’re done. at this stage, do not be tempted to recommend your examiner to visit your hometown or tell them; ask questions to them about your hometown. for example, I am from Mumbai, have you been there? or I am from Mumbai; I recommend you go to Mumbai. refrain from doing so. it’s a simple question and the answer has to be simple too.


alright and last but not the least, the examiner’s going to ask you to give your identification to them, which is going to be your passport. they may say, may I please see your identification or may I please see your ID? It means the same. It is absolutely okay for you to just smile and hand over your passport to the examiner. but I think it’s a good practice to smile and say, of course, please or say, here it is. be polite, smile and all through these questions, be confident and relax. Now, these are very useful tips yet essential for us to greet our examiner beautifully and it also sets the pace for your speaking test. remember be confident, smile and relax because the better you feel, the better you’re going to do in this test and I’m going to take you through these tips once again.


So the first one is going to be when your examiner says, good afternoon, my name is Lisa Smith and you quickly say, hello, good afternoon Lisa. you will only mention the first name and sans the title. it’s an option for you if you wish; you may not mention the first name of your examiner.


the second tip, the examiner may want to know you, what can I call you? Just be polite and say, you can call me Alisha and smile again. and of course, they may want to know you, they may want to know what part of the world, you’ve come from, let them know that you come from, the name of your city and where is it situated, the name of your country. I will give the example once again. I come from Mumbai which is in the west of India and when you pronounce the name of your city, you have to give the English pronunciation and not the local pronunciation.

and the last but the not the least and the step where you’ve got to give your identification to your examiner is going to be a very simple process. the examiner is going to ask you, may I please have a look at your identification or they may say, could you please hand me over your ID? be polite, smile, be pleasant and say, of course, there you go. of course, please have a look.


these were simple, essential and very polite steps to set your speaking test on a very, very positive note. alright, so I know that the speaking test is one of the most important of tests in IELTS and we’re here to help you. I know this test has 3 parts and we popularly practise part 1,2 and 3 but very seldom do we understand that part 0 is equally, equally important and I’m going to have and make series of videos for all of you which is going to contain the essentials for part 1, part 2 and part 3 and of course you need to continue to practise with me. so till the next time, practise part 0, smile, be polite and all the very best. I know you’re going to do very well, goodbye.

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