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Industrious – English Vocabulary Lesson # 118

When you want to accomplish your personal and professional goals, you put in all your efforts and work endlessly. The word ‘industrious’ basically means to be diligent and hardworking. You are described as industrious when you are clever, skillful and work energetically, steadily and devotedly. It also means to work very hard to set up or promote an enterprise.

So if someone tells you that you are industrious, they are complimenting you for working hard and tirelessly.

For example, you are going to take a Math test at school. You want to get the highest score, so you keep working hard and practice your equations. It means, you are practicing industriously.

The word industrious is an adjective as it describes someone on being very hardworking. ‘Industriously’ is an adverb and ‘industriousness’ is a noun as it means to have determination to perform a task.

Example 01: To stay fit, Michelle works out industriously at the gym.

Example 02: Mother told Sean, “You can go to your friend’s birthday party in the evening if you are industrious enough to complete your homework now.”

Example 03: Lucifer practiced industriously for his boxing match, as he was determined to win the gold medal this time.

Example 04: Victor won  ‘The Best Salesman’ award for being the most industrious salesman in the organization.

Example 05:The ‘City Hospital’ is known for its team of highly competent and industrious doctors.

Example06: The industrious medical researchers conduct extensive research to innovate new medicines with maximum benefits.

Example 07: To perform exceptionally well, the guitarist rehearsed industriously before his first musical concert.

Example 08: His continuous industriousness and dedication in his studies got Brian a first-class honors degree.

Example 09:Andy is very lazy and lacks industriousness in all his tasks at work.

Example 10: Victor and Cathy were tired after cleaning their house industriously.

Do you perform all your tasks industriously?

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