06 Inspiring Adjective you should use in your Daily English Speaking.

In this English speaking Lesson, you will learn some English adjectives that are related to inspiration. Inspiration is something that motivates others to think or act in a particular way. In this Spoken English lesson, we will look at how these inspiring adjectives help to create positive impressions about people, places, and things.

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Moving: A word used to describe any event, character, or place that stirs emotions in a positive manner. There are certain movies, speeches or events that persuade us to think differently.
Example – The guest speaker presented a moving speech on the topic of Global warming which stirred the minds of the audience.

Stirring: This adjective is mainly used for people who inspire you. This adjective has a quality that moves others into action. This word may also describe a film, speech, or song.
Example – The latest movie on drug abuse had a stirring effect on all the teenagers.

Encouraging – We are always encouraged by the people around us. This adjective could be used to describe something that triggers you in a positive way.
Example – My father’s speech was so encouraging that it triggered the positive energy in me.

Rousing – This adjective is used for people, events or places that are appreciable.
Example – Visiting Spain is rousing, it evokes my creative mind.

Enthusing: This adjective could be used by people who are intelligent or knowledgeable and their talks really inspire you in a positive manner.
Example – Whenever I attend a meeting with my boss, the experience is enthusing, there’s so much to learn from him always.

Admirable: This adjective is ideal for someone whom you admire and respect a lot.
Example – John’s achievements at such a young age is truly admirable.

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