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Interesting English phrases to ‘Keep a Secret’

In this English speaking lesson, you will learn different ways of saying how to keep something a secret or how something is kept a secret. We all have secrets and don’t want to reveal information, instead of just saying “It’s a secret”, learn some interesting English phrases to keep a secret.

1. Behind closed doors: done secretly
Example: Mary and John’s wedding happened behind closed doors.

2. Give the game away: reveal a secret
Example: Maria gave the game away too early when she announced her pregnancy at a party.

3. Keep it under your hat: keep a secret
Example: Richard told his colleague about his new job offer and requested him to keep it under the hat.

4. Lips are sealed: to not open one’s mouth
Example: Sarah is afraid to share her secrets with Samantha as she has her lips is never sealed.

5. Mum’s the word: to be quiet about something
Example: Peter told Marc, “Mum’s the word. I will not mention about your financial crisis to anyone.

6. On the QT(quiet): something is done discretely
Example: The marketing campaign designed by the company was done on the QT.

7. Spill the beans: to reveal secret or confidential information
Example: Victor spilt the beans about his terminal illness to his family.

8. In strict confidence: maintain secrecy at all cost
Example: Way ahead of time, the manager told the subordinates in strict confidence that the company made huge losses and would soon be declared insolvent.

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